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A-Plus Hydro Seeding

New Turf Care Instructions

WATERING PRACTICES:  After the lawn has been sprayed, begin watering immediately.  If possible, hand-water your newly hydro-mulched lawn the first three (3) days.  Avoid puddling and washing.  In extremely hot water, three or more daily waterings may be necessary.  Apply sufficient water frequently - keep the ground and mulch moist.  We recommend multiple short duration cycles.


Mow the grass as soon as you have substantial coverage of short (3"), young grass.  Discontinue watering one or two days prior to mowing then allow the soil surface to dry.  After the first mowing, fertilize the lawn as defined below.  After mowing and fertilizing, resume watering for the next five to seven days.  Then mow again.  Then begin to water less frequently, but be sure to fertilize and water sufficiently when the color of your grass begins to lose its deep green color.


As the lawn matures, reduce frequent watering.  Soak periodically rather than frequent light waterings. 


                                                CARE AND WATERING OF YOUR HYDRO-MULCHED LAWN

Your hydro-mulching application contains grass seed that requires a continuous supply of moisture.  This moisture must come from rainfall or watering.  It is not likely it will rain every day for the next two or three weeks, so be sure to water frequently enough to keep moisture in the soil. 


INTIAL WATERING:  During the establishment phase, once-a-day watering is usually appropriate during March and April, however, the weather conditions may require more or less water.  On very hot summer days, three or more waterings a day may be necessary.  Avoid puddling and washing, but water thoroughly.  It is very important to keep the mulch and soil moist.


MOWING:  A new lawn should be mowed a soon as the grass blades are  3" high.  Delaying the first cutting encourages weed growth and allows long grass blades to bend over, causing a shabby appearance.  Mowing plays a vital role in controlling the weeds, giving the grass the opportunity to "choke out the weeds."  DO NOT USE WEED KILLER ON A NEW LAWN.  Subsequent mowing should be done every week, and the blades of the lawnmower should always be kept sharp.  Sharp blades prevent bruised and torn grass blades.  Bruised or damaged grass invites grass disease and results in unsightly brown spots.


If the grass gets too tall before it is mowed, raise the mower.  Mowing young tall grass too short can kill the grass.  A good rule of thumb is to never mow off more than one-third of the grass blades during any one cutting.


INTIAL FERTILIZING PROGRAM:  The new grass will need a strong application of balanced fertilizer after the first mowing and again 30 days later.  Apply fertilizer on the lawn when it is dry and then water thoroughly.  Use a standard balanced fertilizer available at almost any lawn supply store. Examples include the following:

                                 10-10-10                                                13-13-13                                   10-20-10

                                 12-12-12                                                 14-14-14                                   12-24-12

Apply at rates recommended on the bag.  If no recommendation is on the fertilizer bag, usually about 50 lbs. on a 5,000 square foot lawn will be suitable.  And, be sure to water thoroughly immediately after applying the fertilizer.




Call us at 406-860-6543 or send an email to terfsup@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns regarding the care of your new lawn.  Thank you.