A-Plus Hydro Seeding believes in producing the highest quality product and providing the best service at a fair and reasonable cost to our clients. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's a very small lawn or a large multiple acre ball field, or an oil / gas well pad reclamation site, we are here to work for you.



We specialize in residential and commercial lawn and turf seeding of small projects to multiple acre sites such as parks, airports and reclamation projects.

A beautiful lush turf begins with the proper preparation of the soil and the use of high quality commercial grade mulch, certified seed, and quality fertilizer.  Only the highest quality products are used on any of our projects. 

The landscaping of your home or business says a lot about you. We have the experience to help yours make a statement!

We can provide clients custom seed mixes, specialized mulch blends, and soil amendments to meet specific needs for reclamation and erosion control needs.

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Would you like a beautiful lush lawn? 

More than just seeding . . . 

We have a solution for all your seeding and erosion control needs

reclamation  projects

beautiful results

quality components


Creating a Lush, beautiful landscape at a fraction of the cost of sod!

 A-Plus Hydro Seeding
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